Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file which is downloaded to your pc when accessing to determined websites. Cookies allow the website, amongst other things, to store and restore information concerning the habit of navigation of a user or his pc and, depending on the containing information and the way how he uses his equipment, cookies can be used to recognize the user. These cookies are associated only with the anonymous user and his pc, and don´t distribute references which permit the identification of the user or to obtain personal data.

What type of cookies are used on this website?

Analysis cookies: are those which allow us to quantify the number of users to initiate measuring and statistical analysis of the users utilization of our website in order to get knowledge about the visited areas of minor or mayor interest to improve our product offers and services.

Advertising cookies: are those which allow our advertisement providers in the most efficient way the application of offers in the publicity areas of the website, corresponding to the content of the ordered service or the utilization of our website. Some of our advertisement providers may analyse your habit of navigation to place adverts in relation to your profile of navigation.

Registration cookies: are those which maintain a registered user in our web between the sessions, simplifying the navigation without necessity to identify again as user in case of having closed your browser. Besides the cookies indicate if the user is authorized to use certain services, such as competitions. You can eliminate this cookie by closing the session from your user area.

Control cookies: they are used in combination with other control mechanism in order to initiate the participation of determined services of our web, like survays, competitions or voting for news.

How to deactivate cookies

Your webbrowser can enable, block or disable the installed cookies on your equipment by configuring the options of the installed browser on your pc. Be aware that by blocking or erasing cookies you might not be able to use some services of our web.

The access to the configuration of the cookies of the principal browsers can be operated by the following menus (they can vary depending on the version or the language of your webbrowser):

  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Settings
  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Custom Settings for History
  • Chrome: Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Privacy → Content Settings
  • Safari: Preferences → Privacy

In case of other webbrowsers consult the option Help of the browser or contact the support service of your webbrowser manufacturer.

Compliance with the use of cookies

If you remain using our website without changing your settings, we take your compliance as given for the utilization of created cookies by this website. You can repeal each moment by deactivating the cookies of our web as explained in the last preceding paragraph. This repeal of compliance could inhibit the use of some services of our web.